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1. Favourite fruit?
Apples! Specifically granny smith
2. What is on the walls in your bedroom?
Not much to be honest, when in uni some map posters
3. Do you play board games? Which one(s)?
Yep! The more complicated or in depth the better! Recently I’ve been playing a lot of risk legacy and have LOVED IT. (winning helps)
4. What’s your middle name?
John, after my paternal grandfather
5. Favourite lunch food?
sandwiches, preferably from pret but I am poor.
6. What’s the article of clothing that you’re most likely to wear out from overwearing it?
I have managed to wear holes in a t-shirt I love, and may have to give up on it one day
7. If you could punch any one person (celebrity or not) repeatedly in the face, with no repocussions, who would it be and what the fuck did they do to you to make you feel this way!?
A guy introduced to me as dickface, and that alone should provide the reason why I want to punch them in the face.
8. This isn’t really a question, but write a haiku reviewing the last film you saw.
Guarding galaxy
Chris Pratt is the best star lord
really super film
9. What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod/MP3 player?
I have no idea (been listening to Blue Ridge Mountains a lot though) but on itunes it’s apparently Feel so Close
10. What’s one of your favourite quotes?
'Above all, a living thing wants to discharge its strength — life itself is will to power' -Friedrich Nietzsche (yeah I know, but it's a really neat quote)
11. If there was one animal that you feel represents you and your life, what would it be?

I really have no idea, so I’m gonna be lazy and default to a bull because Taurus

I’m not tagging and providing questions TWICE

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"Rule 1: Always post the rules
Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, and write 11 new ones
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  1. whos the weirdest person u ever had a crush on?
    A blue peter presenter, not really weird but it really sticks out in my mind for some reason
  2. what’s the last song you listened to?
    Currently listening to The Poet and the Muse!
  3. what food do you crave the most often?
    Cheese, I eat way too much STILL
  4. if u put all the things that comfort you the most in a box, what would they be?
    Putting people in boxes is cruel, and long walks impossible, though my iPod would fit.
  5. what do you eat for breakfast usually (if u eat it)?
    Shreddies in milk
  6. which words, famous quote or uttered 2 u personally, changed you the most as a person?
    I cannot think of any of the top of my head D:
  7. what do u find urself thinking about last thing at night?
    I tend to get stuck on long rambling thoughts at night, but quite often just some issue in my life at that point in time
  8. what’d be the most attractive thing physically about an ideal partner?
    Probably their face, tbh
  9. what would ppl remember u for if u moved out of their lives tomorrow?
    I hope I’d be remembered for my light heartedness and friendliness HOPEFULLY. Maybe also my terrible jokes
  10. if u were a superhero which song(s) would make ur soundtrack? u kno, when ur being a badass and a song is playing in the background, what song would that be?
    Rolling in the Deep at the moment, it’s got a nice angry feel to it
  11. describe yourself through a notable figure’s famous last words? (100+ points if u answer this one)
    Just for you I am going to search through last words
    Okay, just wondering.
    • Who: Dale Earnhardt, NASCAR Champion
      since I do a lot of wondering? THIS WAS REALLY HARD DHRUTI

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  1. if you could depose any political leader, who? Why?
  2. Favorite food to have for dinner?
  3. Favorite film, and if you have one, favorite line from said film
  4. If you could commit the perfect murder, who would you kill?
  5. What is your single biggest turn off about people?
  6. Who would be your favorite superhero/heroine
  7. If you could move to one country in the world and instantly learn the language, where would you go?
  8. If you could bend an element, what would it be and why?
  9. If you were to start exploring space, which fictional spacecraft would you use?
  10. Who would you have replace Moffat as head Who writer?
  11. who’s the famous person you most look up to?

Getting to know me

Today I will work through ALL of the stuff I have been tagged in, dhrvti tagged me in this
  1. Name: Adam
  2. Birthday: 4th May
  3. Favourite colour: Dark blue
  4. Lucky number: 8
  5. Height: 5’11”
  6. Last dream you remember: honestly I can’t remember any dreams recently, but I’m sure I had one involving driving SOMEHOW
  7. Can you juggle: nope, sadly
  8. Arts/Sports/Both: arts
  9. Do you like writing: yep, though I rarely write
  10. Do you like dancing: yep, and embarrassing myself in the process
  11. Do you like singing: yep, preferably away from other people
  12. Dream vacation:
  13. Dream guy/gal: I don’t really have one!
  14. Dream wedding: Possibly at Marqueyssac, in the Dordogne, just as the sun sets in late summer. loads of really good food/drink also.
  15. Dream pet: A dog at least as big as me
  16. Dream job: working in a lab, for a load of money
  17. Favourite album: …Like Clockwork
  18. Least Favourite song(s): Lightning - The Wanted
  19. Least favourite album: not a clue
  20. Least favourite artist/band: Probably Justin Bieber or someone generally offensive
  1. Guys/Girls: Girls
  2. Hair colour: Either Dark or Redhead
  3. Eye colour´: Something piercing, probably blue
  4. Humorous/Serious: humour with some underlying seriousness
  5. Taller/Shorter: Juuuust a bit smaller
  6. Biggest turn offs: being controlling
  7. Biggest turn ons:intimacy?
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  1. Welcome to the Jungle -Guns N’ Roses
  2. Human - The Killers
  3. Baba Yetu - Christopher Tin/Soweto Gospel choir
  4. Silver lights - Coconuts
  5. Defying Gravity (in rock) - Kerry Ellis
  6. Prelaitor - Globus
  7. The Bishop - Les Mis film cast
  8. Bounce - Calvin Harris/Kellis
  9. One Day More - Les Mis film cast
  10. Back to Black - Amy Winehouse

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What happens when you throw instant noodles against a wall?

Ramen scattering

I’m never rayleigh-ing on you for physics based puns again. 

Given you liked my post that’s pretty vibronic

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What happens when you throw instant noodles against a wall?

Ramen scattering

This isn’t really art related, but man is cleaning satisfying


Anonymous asked: how many flies

After a bit of googling, and assuming you mean house flies, upward of 10 trillion anon. That is quite a few.

My first attempt at drawing someone (in this case Vaas) vaguely Chibified. Comments/(constructive) criticisms appreciated :)

My first attempt at drawing someone (in this case Vaas) vaguely Chibified. Comments/(constructive) criticisms appreciated :)